Advanced Combat Tracker Plugin API
SwingTypeToDamageTypeDataLinksOutgoing Field
Linkings from a SwingType(int) to a list of DamageTypeData objects. For instance, SwingType 1(Melee) should go to "Melee (Out)" and "Outgoing Damage". Combat actions will always go to "All Outgoing (Ref)" without a defined link.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual Basic
public static SortedDictionary<int, List<string>> SwingTypeToDamageTypeDataLinksOutgoing
Public Shared SwingTypeToDamageTypeDataLinksOutgoing As SortedDictionary(Of Integer, List(Of String))
Field Value
SortedDictionary<(Of <(<'Int32, List<(Of <(<'String>)>)>>)>)>

Assembly: Advanced Combat Tracker (Module: Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version: