Advanced Combat Tracker Plugin API
IncomingDamageTypeDataObjects Field
The DamageTypeData objects that are marked as incoming events under a combatant and the Ally mod value that an action sorted there attributes IE, {"Incoming Damage", -1} -1 is a negative ally action when someone damages you The last element in this array is special and becomes the data object that holds a copy of ALL data, IE "All Incoming (Ref)" is last for English EQ2
Declaration Syntax
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public static Dictionary<string, CombatantData..::..DamageTypeDef> IncomingDamageTypeDataObjects
Public Shared IncomingDamageTypeDataObjects As Dictionary(Of String, CombatantData..::..DamageTypeDef)
Field Value

Assembly: Advanced Combat Tracker (Module: Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version: