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Question: What is the difference between 'DPS' and 'EncDPS'? (Or 'CharDPS')
DPS or Damage Per Second, is simply Damage divided by the combatant's duration. EncDPS or Encounter Damage Per Second is calculated as Damage divided by the encounter's duration. If someone's begining and ending actions are just as long as any other in the encounter, then the numbers will be the same. If a combatant starts late, or ends early in terms of the entire encounter, their DPS will be higher than their EncDPS because their personal duration is shorter.  Most agree that EncDPS is a more relevant statistic.

CharDPS may show up in some tables as well. This is always damage divided by the character's duration. This is when DPS is relative to the duration of a skill instead of a combatant.

EncDPS: Always based on encounter duration.
CharDPS: Always based on character duration.
DPS: Based on the duration of the table/row in question.

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