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Question: When pasting a parse export from the clipboard, it gets cut off if there are too many players...
You may only enter about 250 characters into an EQ2 chat box.  This limitation exists when typing or even when pasting text into chat.  This limitation may affect how many players are visible in a text export.

To circumvent this limitation, you may either edit the clipboard export format to use fewer characters to display similar information or use an alternate export method.

In Text Only Formatting options, you may use the Preset Creator to find shorter export variables to use such as {name5} to show only the first five characters of someone's name.

An alternative method of exporting text to EQ2 chat is through a macro file.  This file export would be similar to a clipboard export except instead of being restricted to 256 characters, it is restricted to 16 lines(by SoE).  Once the macro file is generated, similar to ACT placing data on the clipboard, you may display the text using the following command.

/do_file_commands act-export.txt

You may create a hotbar icon to use this command instead of typing it.  Using the command will instantly send the text to the chat server without any preview... in essence a one click solution.  Because of this, you must tell ACT what channel to use in the macro.

Options enabling this export and choosing channel options can be found in the Options tab, Text Export Settings, Export to EQ2 Macro File

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