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EncounterData Class

Data object representing an Encounter
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Advanced_Combat_Tracker
Assembly:  Advanced Combat Tracker (in Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version:
public class EncounterData

The EncounterData type exposes the following members.

Public methodEncounterData(String, String, ZoneData)
An encounter without Selective Parsing enabled
Public methodEncounterData(String, String, Boolean, ZoneData)
An encounter with full Selective Parsing enabled
Public propertyActive
If this Encounter is still in-combat
Public propertyAlliedDeaths
Number of deaths your allies suffered
Public propertyAlliedKills
Number of kills done by allies
Public propertyCharName
The first person perspective of this encounter, used for ally detection
Public propertyColCollection
Contains SQL column data
Public propertyStatic memberColHeaderCollection
Contains SQL column names
Public propertyStatic memberColHeaderString
Contains SQL column names
Public propertyStatic memberColTypeCollection
Contains SQL column data types
Public propertyDamage
Total damage of all allies
Public propertyDPS
The ExtDPS of all allies
Public propertyDuplicateDetection
If enabled, AddCombatAction() will ignore actions with a Global Time Sorter that has been already added to this encounter
Public propertyDuration
The duration of this encounter. Merged encounters will be calculated from the StartTimes and EndTimes
Public propertyDurationS
Formatted duration string
Public propertyEncId
A hash ID of the encounter
Public propertyEndTime
The last outgoing action of any combatant
Public propertyEndTimes
If a merged encounter this will hold the end times of each merged, else the EndTime
Public propertyHealed
Amount healed by allies
Public propertyHistoryRecord
Public propertyItems
CombatantData child objects
Public propertyLogLines
The Encounter Logs
Public propertyNumAllies
Number of allied combatants
Public propertyNumCombatants
Number of CombatantData objects
Public propertyNumEnemies
Number of combatants minus allies
Public propertyParent
The ZoneData parent holding this object
Public propertyShortEndTime
The last outgoing non-heal of any combatant
Public propertyStartTime
The first outgoing action of any combatant
Public propertyStartTimes
If a merged encounter, this will hold the start times of each merged, else the StartTime
Public propertyTags
Arbitrary data you may assign to a EncounterData object
Public propertyTitle
What will be displayed as the title for the TreeView, not including duration/timestamp
Public propertyZoneName
The name of the zone this Encounter took place in
Public methodAddCombatAction
Public methodEndCombat
Mark this encounter as inactive
Public methodEquals (Overrides ObjectEquals(Object).)
Public methodGetAllies
Determines the allies of the first person perspective by referencing the positive and negative actions against them
Public methodGetAllies(Boolean)
Determines the allies of the first person perspective by referencing the positive and negative actions against them
Public methodGetColumnByName
Public methodGetCombatant
Gets the CombatantData object with the character name supplied
Public methodGetEncounterSuccessLevel
Decides which color to use for encounter labels depending on how the encounter went
Public methodGetHashCode (Overrides ObjectGetHashCode.)
Public methodGetIgnoreEnemies
Selective Parsing query
Public methodGetIsSelective
Selective Parsing query
Public methodGetMaxHeal
Used for clipboard/mini window formatting {maxheal} and {maxhealward}
Public methodGetMaxHit
Used for clipboard/mini window formatting {maxhit}
Public methodGetStrongestEnemy
Gets the non-ally that took the most damage divided by the number of deaths it suffered
Public methodInvalidateCachedValues
Public methodSetAllies
Sets the cached allies list
Public methodSetAlliesUncached
Forces the next Ally detection to not use its cached value
Public methodToString
Gets the formatted title of this encounter
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
Public methodTrim
Trims unused array elements from all child objects, and their child objects
Public fieldStatic memberColumnDefs
Public fieldStatic memberExportVariables
A collection of text export formatters that may be used in clipboard/mini-window/etc exports
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