Advanced Combat Tracker Plugin API
SetEncounter Method (Time, Attacker, Victim)
NamespacesAdvanced_Combat_TrackerFormActMainSetEncounter(DateTime, String, String)
This method ensures combat actions are sent to the correct encounter instance and sets the InCombat flag. It also checks the Selective Parsing list to see if the action should be entered into the encounter or ignored.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual Basic
public bool SetEncounter(
	DateTime Time,
	string Attacker,
	string Victim
Public Function SetEncounter ( 
	Time As DateTime,
	Attacker As String,
	Victim As String
) As Boolean
Time (DateTime)
The DateTime of the parsed action
Attacker (String)
The source of the action
Victim (String)
The destination of the action
Return Value
True if the action should be entered as data, False if the action should be ignored.

Assembly: Advanced Combat Tracker (Module: Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version: