Advanced Combat Tracker Plugin API
SendToClipboard Method (ClipText, CopyLocal)
NamespacesAdvanced_Combat_TrackerFormActMainSendToClipboard(String, Boolean)
Sends text to the Windows Clipboard in three different ways, if any previous one fails. Also may send clipboard data to the ACT Clipboard Sharer if connected.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual Basic
public void SendToClipboard(
	string ClipText,
	bool CopyLocal
Public Sub SendToClipboard ( 
	ClipText As String,
	CopyLocal As Boolean
ClipText (String)

[Missing <param name="ClipText"/> documentation for "M:Advanced_Combat_Tracker.FormActMain.SendToClipboard(System.String,System.Boolean)"]

CopyLocal (Boolean)
If the ACT Clipboard Sharer is active, text will not be stored on the local clipboard unless this is set to true. Else this has no effect.

Assembly: Advanced Combat Tracker (Module: Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version: