Advanced Combat Tracker Plugin API
TransitionType_UserDefined Class
This class allows you to create user-defined transition types. You specify these as a list of TransitionElements. Each of these defines: End time , End value, Interpolation method For example, say you want to make a bouncing effect with a decay: EndTime% EndValue% Interpolation -------- --------- ------------- 50 100 Acceleration 75 50 Deceleration 85 100 Acceleration 91 75 Deceleration 95 100 Acceleration 98 90 Deceleration 100 100 Acceleration The time values are expressed as a percentage of the overall transition time. This means that you can create a user-defined transition-type and then use it for transitions of different lengths. The values are percentages of the values between the start and end values of the properties being animated in the transitions. 0% is the start value and 100% is the end value. The interpolation is one of the values from the InterpolationMethod enum. So the example above accelerates to the destination (as if under gravity) by t=50%, then bounces back up to half the initial height by t=75%, slowing down (as if against gravity) before falling down again and bouncing to decreasing heights each time.
Declaration Syntax
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public class TransitionType_UserDefined : ITransitionType
Public Class TransitionType_UserDefined
	Implements ITransitionType
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TransitionType_UserDefined(IList<(Of <<'(TransitionElement>)>>), Int32)
Constructor. You pass in the list of TransitionElements and the total time (in milliseconds) for the transition.

onTimer(Int32, Double%, Boolean%)
Called to find the value for the movement of properties for the time passed in.

setup(IList<(Of <<'(TransitionElement>)>>), Int32)
Sets up the transitions.

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