Advanced Combat Tracker Plugin API
TransitionType_Flash Class
This transition type 'flashes' the properties a specified number of times, ending up by reverting them to their initial values. You specify the number of bounces and the length of each bounce.
Declaration Syntax
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public class TransitionType_Flash : TransitionType_UserDefined
Public Class TransitionType_Flash
	Inherits TransitionType_UserDefined
All MembersConstructorsMethods

TransitionType_Flash(Int32, Int32)
You specify the number of bounces and the time taken for each bounce.

onTimer(Int32, Double%, Boolean%)
Called to find the value for the movement of properties for the time passed in.
(Inherited from TransitionType_UserDefined.)
setup(IList<(Of <<'(TransitionElement>)>>), Int32)
Sets up the transitions.
(Inherited from TransitionType_UserDefined.)
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Assembly: Advanced Combat Tracker (Module: Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version: