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TimerData Class

Timer Window data object. This can be used as storage object for spell timer definitions
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Advanced_Combat_Tracker
Assembly:  Advanced Combat Tracker (in Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version:
public class TimerData : IEquatable<TimerData>

The TimerData type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAbsoluteTiming
If only one of this timer name should be allowed to exist
Public propertyActiveInList
Public propertyCategory
Public propertyFillColor
The color to fill the radial timer indicator
Public propertyKey
Public propertyModable
If the spell is allowed to be modified by recast debuffs
Public propertyName
Public propertyOnlyMasterTicks
Public propertyPanel1Display
If to display in the first spell timers window
Public propertyPanel2Display
If to display in the second spell timers window
Public propertyRadialDisplay
If the timer will show a radial display
Public propertyRemoveValue
Public propertyRestrictToCategory
Public propertyRestrictToMe
If the timer will only be triggered from you being hit or using the skill yourself
Public propertyStartSoundData
Timer start sound data string
Public propertyTimerValue
Current time remaining for this timer
Public propertyTooltip
Public propertyWarningSoundData
Warning sound data string
Public propertyWarningValue
The threshold for putting the timer into a warning state
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