Advanced Combat Tracker Plugin API
TimerData Constructor (Name, OnlyMasterTicks, TimerValue, RestrictToMe, AbsoluteTiming, StartSoundData, WarningSoundData, WarningValue, RadialDisplay, Modable, Tooltip, FillColor)
NamespacesAdvanced_Combat_TrackerTimerDataTimerData(String, Boolean, Int32, Boolean, Boolean, String, String, Int32, Boolean, Boolean, String, Color)
A timer sub-object
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual Basic
public TimerData(
	string Name,
	bool OnlyMasterTicks,
	int TimerValue,
	bool RestrictToMe,
	bool AbsoluteTiming,
	string StartSoundData,
	string WarningSoundData,
	int WarningValue,
	bool RadialDisplay,
	bool Modable,
	string Tooltip,
	Color FillColor
Public Sub New ( 
	Name As String,
	OnlyMasterTicks As Boolean,
	TimerValue As Integer,
	RestrictToMe As Boolean,
	AbsoluteTiming As Boolean,
	StartSoundData As String,
	WarningSoundData As String,
	WarningValue As Integer,
	RadialDisplay As Boolean,
	Modable As Boolean,
	Tooltip As String,
	FillColor As Color
Name (String)
Name of the spell
OnlyMasterTicks (Boolean)
If the timer should be considered normal or a dot tick
TimerValue (Int32)
Amount of time to start with
RestrictToMe (Boolean)
If the timer only triggers for you casting/getting hit
AbsoluteTiming (Boolean)
If only one of the timer can exist at a time
StartSoundData (String)
Sound data string
WarningSoundData (String)
Sound data string
WarningValue (Int32)
How many seconds left should be a warning
RadialDisplay (Boolean)
If the display shows the pie countdown
Modable (Boolean)
If the spell can be affected by recast mods
Tooltip (String)
Extra info to show in a tooltip
FillColor (Color)
The color of the radial timer display

Assembly: Advanced Combat Tracker (Module: Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version: