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AttackType Class

Data object holding swings of a specific type of attack
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Advanced_Combat_Tracker
Assembly:  Advanced Combat Tracker (in Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version:
public class AttackType : IComparable, IEquatable<AttackType>, 

The AttackType type exposes the following members.

Public methodAttackType
Data object holding swings of a specific type of attack
Public propertyAttackTypeType
Public propertyAverage
Average hit of successful
Public propertyAverageDelay
Duration divided by number of swings
Public propertyBlocked
A failed attack that is not a miss
Public propertyCharDPS
Damage divided by the Character duration
Public propertyColCollection
Contains SQL column data
Public propertyStatic memberColHeaderCollection
Contains SQL column names
Public propertyStatic memberColHeaderString
Contains SQL column names
Public propertyStatic memberColTypeCollection
Contains SQL column data types
Public propertyCritHits
Number of critical hits
Public propertyCritPerc
String representation of the critical percentage rate
Public propertyDamage
Amount of damage in total
Public propertyDPS
Damage divided by the AttackType duration
Public propertyDuration
From StartTime to EndTime, or in the case of merged data, the additions of each encounter
Public propertyDurationS
Formatted duration string
Public propertyEncDPS
Public propertyEndTime
Last attack
Public propertyExtDPS
Damage divided the Encounter duration
Public propertyHits
Number of successful hits
Public propertyItems
Child Swing objects that make up this data
Public propertyMaxHit
Largest hit amount
Public propertyMedian
Median value of attacks
Public propertyMinHit
Smallest hit amount
Public propertyMisses
Number of attacks that were a "miss", resists or other fails are not counted in this
Public propertyParent
Public propertyResist
The common type of damage the AttackType uses
Public propertyStartTime
First attack
Public propertySwings
Total number of attempted attacks
Public propertyTags
Arbitrary data you may assign to a AttackType object
Public propertyToHit
Percentage of hits
Public propertyType
The label of the AttackType
Public fieldStatic memberColumnDefs
A collection of column definitions that may appear in tables
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