Advanced Combat Tracker Plugin API
NotifySpell Method (Attacker, SpellName, Self, Victim, Success)
NamespacesAdvanced_Combat_TrackerFormSpellTimersNotifySpell(String, String, Boolean, String, Boolean)
Tells the Timer Window about a skill being used. Preset recast mods will take effect through this method automatically.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual Basic
public void NotifySpell(
	string Attacker,
	string SpellName,
	bool Self,
	string Victim,
	bool Success
Public Sub NotifySpell ( 
	Attacker As String,
	SpellName As String,
	Self As Boolean,
	Victim As String,
	Success As Boolean
Attacker (String)
Caster of skill
SpellName (String)
Skill name
Self (Boolean)
If the skill landed or originated from the 1st person perspective
Victim (String)
Destination of the skill
Success (Boolean)
If the skill landed. In the case of TS not landing, a mod will not be applied for instance.

Assembly: Advanced Combat Tracker (Module: Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version: