Advanced Combat Tracker Plugin API
AddCombatAction Method (SwingType, Critical, Special, Attacker, theAttackType, Damage, Time, TimeSorter, Victim, theDamageType)
NamespacesAdvanced_Combat_TrackerFormActMainAddCombatAction(Int32, Boolean, String, String, String, Dnum, DateTime, Int32, String, String)
Runs the parsed data through the renaming checks(Data Correction tab), raises API events, notifies the Spell Timers window and adds the data to the current encounter
Declaration Syntax
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public void AddCombatAction(
	int SwingType,
	bool Critical,
	string Special,
	string Attacker,
	string theAttackType,
	Dnum Damage,
	DateTime Time,
	int TimeSorter,
	string Victim,
	string theDamageType
Public Sub AddCombatAction ( 
	SwingType As Integer,
	Critical As Boolean,
	Special As String,
	Attacker As String,
	theAttackType As String,
	Damage As Dnum,
	Time As DateTime,
	TimeSorter As Integer,
	Victim As String,
	theDamageType As String
SwingType (Int32)
The type of action. Use "(int)SwingTypeEnum.Melee" to set as auto-attack damage for instance.
Critical (Boolean)
If the action was critical
Special (String)
If the action was a bonus of some sort. IE, double, flurry, etc.
Attacker (String)
Source of the action
theAttackType (String)
The name of the action or attack
Damage (Dnum)
The amount of damage affected by the action.
Time (DateTime)
The time of the action, rounded to the nearest second unless the log text specifies a better rounding.
TimeSorter (Int32)
A unique sequential number to give the action for sorting purposes. (Several actions can have the same time stamp, but happen in order) No other action currently in memory should have this specific number if you can help it.
Victim (String)
The destination of the action
theDamageType (String)
The type of damage the action does... IE, crushing, heat, healing, absorption, etc.

Assembly: Advanced Combat Tracker (Module: Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version: