Advanced Combat Tracker Plugin API
Transition Class
Lets you perform animated transitions of properties on arbitrary objects. These will often be transitions of UI properties, for example an animated fade-in of a UI object, or an animated move of a UI object from one position to another. Each transition can simulataneously change multiple properties, including properties across multiple objects. Example transition ------------------ a. Transition t = new Transition(new TransitionMethod_Linear(500)); b. t.add(form1, "Width", 500); c. t.add(form1, "BackColor", Color.Red); d.; Line a: Creates a new transition. You specify the transition method. Lines b. and c: Set the destination values of the properties you are animating. Line d: Starts the transition. Transition methods ------------------ TransitionMethod objects specify how the transition is made. Examples include linear transition, ease-in-ease-out and so on. Different transition methods may need different parameters.
Declaration Syntax
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public class Transition
Public Class Transition
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Constructor. You pass in the object that holds the properties that you are performing transitions on.

add(Object, String, Object)
Adds a property that should be animated as part of this transition.

run(Object, String, Object, ITransitionType)
Creates and immediately runs a transition on the property passed in.

run(Object, String, Object, Object, ITransitionType)
Sets the property passed in to the initial value passed in, then creates and immediately runs a transition on it.

Starts the transition.

Creates a TransitionChain and runs it.

Event raised when the transition hass completed.

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