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CustomTrigger Class

Data object for Custom Triggers
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Advanced_Combat_Tracker
Assembly:  Advanced Combat Tracker (in Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version:
public class CustomTrigger

The CustomTrigger type exposes the following members.

Public methodCustomTrigger(String, String)
Initializes a new instance of the CustomTrigger class
Public methodCustomTrigger(String, Int32, String, Boolean, String, Boolean)
Custom Trigger data object
Public propertyActive
Public propertyCategory
Category within the custom trigger treeview selector
Public propertyKey
Public propertyLastAudioAlert
Public propertyRegEx
Public propertyRestrictToCategoryZone
If the custom trigger should only take effect within a zone matching the category label
Public propertyResultsTab
Object handle for the results tab(if existing)
Public propertyShortRegexString
Public propertySoundData
Public propertySoundType
(int)CustomTriggerSoundTypeEnum can be used to convert this
Public propertySoundTypeString
Public propertyTabbed
Public propertyTabbedAge
How long ago an item was added to the results tab
Public propertyTabbedCurrentIndex
Item index of the last selected ListView row in the results tab (used for next/prev seeking in searches)
Public propertyTimer
Public propertyTimerName
Public propertyTimerString
Returns a label if the custom trigger is tabbed or triggers a timer else "<None>"
Public propertyTriggerListView
Object handle for the ListView within the results tab(if existing)
Public propertyTriggerSearchBox
The TextBox within the results tab(if existing) used for searching
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