Advanced Combat Tracker Plugin API
DamageTypeData..::..ColumnDef Constructor (Label, DefaultVisible, SqlDataType, SqlDataName, CellDataCallback, SqlDataCallback)
NamespacesAdvanced_Combat_TrackerDamageTypeData..::..ColumnDefDamageTypeData..::..ColumnDef(String, Boolean, String, String, DamageTypeData..::..StringDataCallback, DamageTypeData..::..StringDataCallback)
A column defintion for DamageTypeData objects
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual Basic
public ColumnDef(
	string Label,
	bool DefaultVisible,
	string SqlDataType,
	string SqlDataName,
	DamageTypeData..::..StringDataCallback CellDataCallback,
	DamageTypeData..::..StringDataCallback SqlDataCallback
Public Sub New ( 
	Label As String,
	DefaultVisible As Boolean,
	SqlDataType As String,
	SqlDataName As String,
	CellDataCallback As DamageTypeData..::..StringDataCallback,
	SqlDataCallback As DamageTypeData..::..StringDataCallback
Label (String)
This should be the same text as the dictionary key used to store this object which is what is displayed in ACT
DefaultVisible (Boolean)
If a column is visible in ACT by default(when first added to the configuration)
SqlDataType (String)
The SQL data type such as INT, VARCHAR, FLOAT
SqlDataName (String)
The SQL safe name of the column
CellDataCallback (DamageTypeData..::..StringDataCallback)
The delegated method to be called to get back a string to display in ACT
SqlDataCallback (DamageTypeData..::..StringDataCallback)
The delegated method to be called to get back a string to be used as a data value in SQL. Obviously this value must conform to the SqlDataType.

Assembly: Advanced Combat Tracker (Module: Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version: