Advanced Combat Tracker Plugin API
CombatantData..::..TextExportFormatter Constructor (Name, Label, Description, FormatterCallback)
NamespacesAdvanced_Combat_TrackerCombatantData..::..TextExportFormatterCombatantData..::..TextExportFormatter(String, String, String, CombatantData..::..ExportStringDataCallback)
A text export definition for a CombatantData object
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual Basic
public TextExportFormatter(
	string Name,
	string Label,
	string Description,
	CombatantData..::..ExportStringDataCallback FormatterCallback
Public Sub New ( 
	Name As String,
	Label As String,
	Description As String,
	FormatterCallback As CombatantData..::..ExportStringDataCallback
Name (String)
The simple name that represents the text export formatter, like {damage} or {dps}
Label (String)
A friendly label for the text export formatter
Description (String)
A decription of what the user should expect from the formatter
FormatterCallback (CombatantData..::..ExportStringDataCallback)
A delegated method to be called to get back a string to be put into a text export

Assembly: Advanced Combat Tracker (Module: Advanced Combat Tracker.exe) Version: