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LogLineEventArgs Fields

The LogLineEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public fieldcompanionLogName
The sub-name of the companion log file. Blank if from the main log file. "Plugin" if a direct call to ParseRawLogLine() was made.
Public fielddetectedTime
Timestamp parsed from the log line
Public fielddetectedType
The detected log line type from the parsing engine. 0 if ACT ignored the log line or is not currently set If you are setting this yourself as a parsing plugin, the value may corrispond to a 32-bit ARGB value to create a color in the ViewLogs window IE, if you want red, set this as System.Drawing.Color.Red.ToArgb();
Public fielddetectedZone
The zone at the time of parsing
Public fieldinCombat
If there is already an encounter active
Public fieldlogLine
The full log line
Public fieldoriginalLogLine
The original log line that was passed to the constructor
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