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XML Share Snippets
You can now store standard ACT settings in XML Share Snippets.  Virtually anything that you find in the config file can be shared with other players.  Though things that require computer specific file paths will not likely work.  It is not recommended to share more than a few settings in a single snippet.  The <Config> node does not need to be present if exporting only one type of config data, but it must still conform to the single-root-node rule of XML.

    <Format PlayerFormat="{n}{NAME5} | {ENCDPS}" AlliesFormat="({duration}) {title}: {ENCDPS} {maxhit}" Sorting="EncDPS" ShowOnlyAllies="True" ShowAlliesInfo="True" />

    <Format PlayerFormat="{n}{NAME5} | {ENCDPS}" AlliesFormat="({duration}) {title}: {ENCDPS} {maxhit}" Sorting="EncDPS" ShowOnlyAllies="True" ShowAlliesInfo="True" />
    <MacroExport Checked="True" Align="True" Channel="gsay" File="act-export.txt" MaxLines="16" PresetIndex="0" />

The invalid example has TextFormats and MacroExports as root nodes, violating XML specifications.  In this case, wrapping it in a <Config>...</Config> node is required to make it a single export.  The root node does not need to be named Config; only a name that is not otherwise used by ACT's config file.

The XML snippet itself will look like the following:
<Config Xml="(Escaped XML)" />

If you just copy portions of your ACT config file without first converting it, ACT will ignore it.  There is a small tool in Options -> Configuration Import/Export which will do this conversion.  This is a feature for fairly advanced users as there is no easy GUI for extracting ACT config settings.  The conversion tool will check for correct XML syntax but not validate that the XML are actual ACT settings.

XML Share Snippets (Cont)
When you receive an XML Share Snippet in game chat, ACT will no longer use balloon notifications to ask if you wish to import it.  It was found that clicking the balloon could later cause subsequent parsing-thread blocking if another XML snippet appeared.  Deemed unfixable, ACT now uses its own TraySlider to create these notifications.  The notifications will have a similar message but you are allowed four options (Add/Ignore/Whitelist/Blacklist). 

These notifications will avoid appearing when playing full screen and should not take focus when playing windowed.  If you are playing fullscreen and receive an XML snippet, exiting fullscreen mode will allow the notification windows to appear.  Keep the mouse hovered over them or re-enter fullscreen mode to avoid them fading out after 15 seconds.  More than one notification window may be present at a time and they will pop-over each other.

Fixed a bug preventing the Encounter level Avoidance Report from being shown.  Fixed a random crash condition.

Plugin API
The TraySlider class used for XML Share Snippets is publicly available and should be sufficiently modifiable.

Download this version as a self extracting archive to be run in ACT's preexisting folder.

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