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Advanced Combat Tracker features:
  • Multiple-game parsing support
    • Originally designed for EverQuest II, now all parsing is done through plugins allowing all games/localizations equal access.
    • Hosted plugins exist for EQ2(English, German, Russian), Rift, Age of Connan, Aion, Star Wars: TOR and The Secret World.
    • These plugins are typically open-source giving multiple examples of how to create new parsing plugins.
  • Real-time or Offline parsing
    • Primarily a real-time log parser, ACT can import entire log files or use its History Database to search and import specific encounters from older log files.
    • Old encounters can be imported by a log file, the clipboard or ACT's own export format(compressed XML).
    • Combat encounters imported or parsed in real-time are viewed in the same way; with the same tables/graphing options.
  • Track an entire raid of combatants
    • ACT will by default record everything it sees in the log file. What this includes will change on what the specific game records. (IE EQ2 will differ from Rift in capture range)
    • You may restrict who is recorded by using something called Selective Parsing. Or a game's specific plugin may have additional options.
  • View overviews of data or all the way down to individual actions
    • Every piece of combat data that is recorded can be viewed in ACT's tables. A combat encounter's table can be narrowed down to a specific combatant, to specific types of actions, specific skills and each individual action.
    • Each level of overview will have a different customizable table and graph fitting the current view.
  • Graphical Views of encounter data
    • Not just graphs that show a representation of table data, but graphical views of what happened in an encounter. Such as the Encounter VCR or Encounter Timeline.
  • Report views for easier analysis of certain data
    • Sometimes what is interesting about the recorded data isn't simple totals, but abstractions of that data that fall under circumstances.
    • For example, a window that breaks down, per second, what led to a combatant's death or a tool that tries to calculate the period of an opponent's special skill.
  • Multiple ways to view ACT's live data without the main window
    • A highly customizable text based view called Mini-Parse appears in its own window which can hover over other windows(except full-screen Direct3D) without blocking mouse input.
    • Clipboard exports similar to the Mini-Parse that can be automatically exported after combat and pasted into chat.
    • Multiple web interfaces for games that support web browsing, mobile devices or just normal web browsers.
    • Support for Logitech G15, G19 or compatible LCD game displays.
  • Multiple ways to export ACT's data for historical or use without ACT running
    • Each table or entire encounters of data can be exported via multiple formats for different platforms.
    • Formatted text tables, HTML tables, XML exports, static and dynamic web pages.
    • FTP uploading and database connectivity using ODBC.
  • Timers and Alerts for parsed events
    • A spell timers window that display count-down timers for skills or events observed in parsing.
    • Custom Triggers that look for arbitrary events in the log file and can record parts of the line, sound alerts or start timers.
  • Extendible by a powerful plugin API
    • Features a plugin system based off of .NET allowing precompiled assemblies or C#/Visual Basic.NET source files.
    • Dozens of hosted plugins already exist to provide functionality outside the immediate scope of the main program.
Last program release was 136 days ago.

  • EQAditu @EQAditu
  • EQ2 English plugin updated. Added new export formatters such as {ENCDPS-m}. Plugins that use ACT defaults have these new formatters already. 298 days ago
  • ACT version is released. Custom Trigger Benchmark window added. Misc fixes. 310 days ago
  • I was looking at some stats for fun and found that v3 of the main ACT program has now reached 2 million downloads~ (exe, zip & updates) 564 days ago
  • Version ACT now supports damage amounts over 2 billion. Some plugins will have to be updated to work or take advantage of this. 675 days ago
  • Plugin authors: a potentially breaking update is available as the ZIP file to test. Int32<-Int64 overflow potential 692 days ago
  • Version is released. Minor enhancements to the Custom Triggers UI. Misc bug fixes. 748 days ago
  • Version Added custom trigger functionality to match your character's name without manually typing it. (Ease of sharing triggers) 861 days ago
  • Version v3.2.0.250 is released. Fix for ACTx86 (32-bit only mode) not properly compiling/loading source code plugins. (*.cs) 1091 days ago
  • This is not a hint, just a notice. PayPal finally decided to be less robotic and use a human to fix the restricted Donation button account. 1091 days ago
  • ACT v3.2.0.249 is released. Scratch encounters for adding/merging arbitrary data and 64-bit by default. 1094 days ago
  • 64bit-enabled ACT is coming next version. Some native-code plugins may be affected. Want to test it out early? Get the normal .zip DL file. 1164 days ago
  • EQ2 English parsing plugins updated. Out with FCrit% column, in with CritTypes column. (% distribution of Legendary/Fabled/Mythical crits) 1185 days ago
  • The EQ2 German and EN-JP parsers are currently in the process of being fixed. Most of the parsers will need another fix come the expansion. 1241 days ago
  • Updated the EQ2 English plugin to be compliant with the upcoming expansion. New critical calculations and column. (Use ACT's auto-update) 1245 days ago
  • Updated the EQ2 EN-JP parsing plugin to include locale specific timer mods for Traumatic Swipe. (Automatic updates should download this) 1434 days ago
  • Interested in FFXIV parsing? Someone in the forums has a pretty good ACT plugin going and is updating frequently: 1561 days ago
  • Updated the EQ2 English parsing plugins to handle Channeler pet intercepts. If ACT's auto-updates are enabled it should offer to download. 1569 days ago
  • ACT v3.1.5.246 is released. Addition of "ACT config" XML Snippets and a new way to display incoming snippets. Other fixes. 1795 days ago
  • ACT v3.1.4.245 released. Only some minor changes to things like the debug log and Startup Wizard. 1826 days ago
  • Saw some STO Youtube videos randomly. A comment was that only the last "Encounter" remains. Might want to disable Encounter Culling options. 1872 days ago

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